Posted on: March 4, 2008 4:11 pm

NASCAR, Sport or not?

Whether you like it or not, nascar is recognized as a sport in the US and around the world. Nascar has grown to become the second-most popular professional sport in terms of television ratings inside the U.S., ranking behind only the NFL. Internationally, nascar races are broadcast in over 150 countries. It holds 17 of the top 20 attended sporting events in the U.S., and has 75 million fans who purchase over $3 billion in annual licensed product sales. These fans are considered the most brand-loyal in all of sports and as a result, Fortune 500 companies sponsor Nascar more than any other governing body.

Obviously, not everyone enjoys watching auto racing on tv. Just the same as they might not like watching hockey, golf, or tennis on tv. But watching it on tv isn't the same as watching a game or race live. I have heard people say that they felt the same about nascar as a lot of you here. But once they attended a race, they realized how much fun it could be. Along with how much skill, teamwork, and strategy it takes to win a race. Don't stereotype something just because you don't know much about it. You should try it before you knock it. If you try it and still don't like it, fine. That's an opinon you are entitled to.

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